by Fable Circuit

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This is "Connector." The culmination of our musical efforts thus far. We've poured more passion into this release than we knew we had in us. To anyone who came to a show, helped us unload, played alongside us, went out of their way to give us feedback, or stuck around for even half a song: Thank you. This is for you.


released December 6, 2016

Wayne Snow - vocals/guitar
Alex Shanholtzer - bass/synthesizer/vocals
Nathan Howard - drums/vocals

All songs recorded, mixed, and mastered by Levi Miller at Front & Center Recordings.


all rights reserved



Fable Circuit Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Fable Circuit is a three-piece indie progressive rock band from West Virginia.

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Track Name: Sewn
Darling, I must confess
There is poison in the tea
Just to watch your last breaths
And to make sure they're taken with me

As the blood is embraced
In the gap between my teeth
The one you used to trace
I think I finally see

As your face it hits the floor
I will still find home in your eyes
Even when you try to find the light
I will sew you to my side
Track Name: Webs
Crafty like a spider, you wrap me with your words
I feel them all around me and the pressure starts to hurt
Me, in this moment
My consciousness must admit losing all calm and control

Your grasp is all consuming, I'm void of all content
Your eyes survey my body and I wonder where I went
Here, in this moment
My consciousness must admit losing all calm and control

Catch me, keep me
Bind me so sweetly
Webs are weaving through me


At this point, I don't know if there's a point
Track Name: Swarm
Oh, what have I become?
Something I despise, after all I've done
Would you be surprised to find I'm not the man that I was?
Would I forgive myself if I were anyone else?
Well, what do we have here?
A man of rage and fear who's deceived himself

With blood stained on my hands
My strength is all
It is all I have
What brute and brawn I've held
And strapped to my belt
What have I to show?

Blessed is the man who stands
For the will to last when nothing else can

Stand up (stand up)
It's all in place
And now (and now)
It's only just begun

Sever the head of the soldier
Stand up (stand up)
Soon it will be all over
Stand up

We all believed in the breeze that led us all to hell
Fire burns, now it's my turn to burn you to the ground
Track Name: Cathartic
Yes, I know it's early
But I've gotta tell you now
I hope that you're okay with the secrets that I've found
But please be rest assured, I know it's not for sure
But I just can't let you down
Give this all a chance and I know you'll stick around

Your guard's been up and I cannot say you're wrong
We've pushed this all away and it's been for far too long
I know that you're afraid of the love that we could make
But I just can't let you down
Give this all a chance and I know you'll stick around

It's okay if you don't need me anymore
I recognize we've both been here before
I'm okay; I couldn't need you any more
Just take me off the shelf and I'll be yours
Track Name: Majesty
Wait, your majesty
The wolves are at your gate
The son cries out, the wind is sharp
It blows upon his face
"All for one, all for me. Let them die."
With onyx eyes, black as night
They belong to death
A lover's blade into your side
The snow it melts in red

Fallen one, keep me near
I will bury him under your throne

A goddess raised up from her grave
With secrets to behold
A queen's return, a beacon lit
Her son must soon be told
As sheep no more, they thirst for war
Upon the backs of steeds
His father's death, a promise kept
Fulfills this vengeful deed

Fallen one, keep me near
We will bury him under your throne
Track Name: Conundrum
I'm not trying to change your mind
But am I really speaking for myself?
These times have been truly testing
So I know you're resting all your woes

But you're afraid of looking
Sometimes I'm afraid to speak
Tell me what's the point of living in this game of hide and seek?

So tell me just what you've been thinking
Could it just be something that's not right?

I'm afraid of seeing this for what it really is
Your decisions are destructive
Formed in constructs of disdain

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